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 Chapter 2: Reality

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: Reality   Fri May 22, 2009 6:39 pm

Ch 2

I wake up from a dream where reality was a myth and myths were real. In my dream I knew that I was avoiding reality. When avoiding reality you never know what reality will become. Than I realize that the dream was only a dream. I sit in my bed crying because the truth was unavoidable, he was going to move and I couldn’t do anything about it. This had me to the point of just becoming depressed. I was but a slave to time, a baby to a parent, easy to manipulate. It was than I remembered that he moves away in 3 ½ weeks. This was what makes me sad. The 3 ½ weeks of him being here, making us closer friends, would just make it harder for him to leave. Reality, I was gambling with reality. I was gambling my personality. If I do get depressed because of being with him another month would just making it sadder to let it go. Friends that is all we can be, friends. I sit in my bed at 5:30 in the morning. A sad person just sitting silently crying in the corner. The inconvenient truth was catching up with me. Just than I hear footsteps. It was my little sister that was 6 years younger than me. She sits there with me, contorting me. Again close to just bawling like a baby, I think of all the good times we had. It is so sad. All I remember was two kids sitting in a sandbox with a hose and spraying the sand to make the ‘great lakes.’ As I type this it is too hard to hold back the tears. I sit here typing with tears. Tears are the ultimate sign of sadness. It is so sad when you see someone faking a smile despite the fact that they were crying.


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Chapter 2: Reality
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