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 The dark side chapter nine

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PostSubject: The dark side chapter nine   Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:47 pm

Chapter nine: The ghosts

That night when we left Gleema’s cottage I thought about what I saw.

“Are you okay?” asked Bracus when he saw my face. “You looked worried.”

“I’m fine,” I answered. He looked at me with an “Are you sure?” face.

“I’m fine!” I repeated and just to make him believe me I smiled.

“Bracus?” I asked. “What did you see in the crystal ball?” He looked at me with a rather awkward expression.

“I won’t laugh,” I told him. Then suddenly I saw something coming towards us.

“Bracus,” I said. “Turn around.” He spun around and we saw a woman. Then a man. The closer they got the colder the air around us was.

Then when the woman saw me she got excited.

“Lonzzouro! Look! It’s Sapphire!” she said.

“Sapphire?” asked Lonzzouro. “It can’t be. Can it?” I was confused. Then I suddenly realized they were the people from the crystal ball.

“Sapphire!” said Lonzzouro. “Remiss, It’s Sapphire, our daughter.” Then I suddenly remembered those two people.

“Mother?” I asked. “Father?” I ran towards them and tried to hug them but my arms went through their bodies. They were ghosts.

“I haven’t seen you since you were a small infant,” said Remiss. “Now you’re all grown up.”

We sat down and talked about how my life has been growing up in the dark palace. I introduced Bracus to.
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The dark side chapter nine
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