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 All about Mochi Game

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PostAll about Mochi Game

Posted by Chris

Wed, Jul 29, 2009

Since the release of SAS: Zombie Assault 2 with it’s premium items etc, I’ve detected a (completely justified) hint of “who the hell are these guys?” from our loyal fans/supporters/whatever-you’d-prefer-to-be-known-as.
Something I should probably have done ages ago is talk a bit about Mochi Media (the guys behind MochiGames and Mochi Coins).
We’ve worked with Mochi for a couple of years now. They started out with a free tool for game developers to track how often, and on what sites, games were being played on. This statistical tool was hugely beneficial not only for the “cool factor”, but to allow developers to “police” their games and make sure that only those people (web sites) with permission were using their games.
They then progressed to MochiAds, which are those (sometimes horrible) ads that play while the games load. Mochiads allowed game developers (such as us) to earn at least some money from a game wherever it was played in the world.
The next big thing they did was introduce Mochi Coins. I won’t go into the economics of the situation because it’s fairly lengthy and a bit convoluted so allow me to circle back to the main point I’m trying to make.
We know who Mochi Media are. One of the things we definitely overlooked was the fact that the players don’t necessarily know who they are. So, for the record this is what we know about them and why we, and by extension, you should trust them.

- We’ve met them, in San Francisco, several times. We chat regularly via email, IM and phone with a number of the guys over there including the founding directors.

- They love us. Our relationship is mutually beneficial to the extent that one of the founding directors has joked that his first-born will be called Ninja Kiwi.

- Since the beginning their business model has been built on trust and doing the right thing by game developers.

- Their engineers are extremely talented and their system is built around security first. Your details and financial information is secure.
Hope this helps to allay any concerns people might have had.


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All about Mochi Game :: Comments

Re: All about Mochi Game
Post on Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:55 pm by Guest
Thanks, I liked the SASZA.

I had no reason for it, though.

All about Mochi Game

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