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 What is this?

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PostSubject: What is this?   Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:15 pm

Ok, Philosophy.

In this section, every week or so, I will post a new philosophical question.

A philosophical is a question that doesnt have a set answer, some people may call it an 'impossible question'.

These range from:
Is the planet we live on better off without humans?
Where's Waldo?


Admit it, this is why you opened this section!

Ok, there will be 3 lots of points in this section (however, this may be reduced to 2 sets depending on popularity) :

  • 50 points to the person who gives the most thought out, logical answer (judged by the creator of the question)
  • 25 points to EACH answer that makes me laugh (this is 1 per person! So if you have 2 funny answers that make me laugh, you will still only get 25 points)
  • 25 points to the most popular answer. (the poll will go up after 5 days of answer submitting, 2 days of voting)

Have fun!

Questions/Suggestions/Comments welcome!



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What is this?
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