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 Mini Games: How they work

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PostSubject: Mini Games: How they work   Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:30 pm

(PS: i know this is were duration games were, jack told me to delete it and replace it with this)

1. Basiclly minigames are like duration games, but it depends on how hard the challenge is decides the limit for it (ex: until 5 people compleate, for 3 days, see who has the best score after XX days, ect.).
2. Now since they are minigames they wont be as hard as regular games and they will most likly be hand made by me, or anyone else who would like to help. The games that I will mostly use to make thse games is this: http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/incredibots . I might use other games too, but i need to figure out what games would hold these capabilities.
3. For minigames its basiccly going to be set up that you need to do a certain task and then get a pic of that completed, and ocasonally there will be bonus task. The point reward for them wont be as much as regular games as i stated before, Usually they will be between 5-15 points and the bounus task will add from 1-5 points.

Well that was hard to type, i hope this explains what im trying to say.

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Mini Games: How they work
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