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 My Extra Rank and Awards Problem

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PostSubject: My Extra Rank and Awards Problem   Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:22 pm

Ok, well while I was gone, I got demoted from my Admin position. And, while I was away, I think the Admins forgot to change my Extra Ranks(which reads "Admin")and my Awards (which reads"Admin Power" and "Gfx DSNR Power"). Well, obviously I'm no longer an Admin, so I'd please like my Awards changed to"Gfx DSNR Power" and "Mod Power" if we have that. Also please switch the Extra Rank from "Admin" to "Mod". Thanks.
Sorry if the paragraph sounds a bit demanding, lol. Didn't mean for it to sound like that.^^
So...yeah. Thanks again. Very Happy
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My Extra Rank and Awards Problem
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